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(BK50) Berkshire Walkers Group

Join the Ramblers as a member of the Berkshire Walkers Group.

Phone: 07734 569216
Website: http://www.berkshirewalkers.com
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> The Berkshire Walkers is a Ramblers 'Young Persons' Group aimed at people in their 20s and 30s.
> We have a healthy membership mainly in Berkshire with walks often attracting over 20 people.
> Walks take place virtually every weekend, varying between Saturdays, Sundays, or both, and with occasional evening walks in the summer.
> We provide a mix of graded walks throughout Berkshire (and to a lesser extent the adjoining counties) to suit all young people, with walks ranging from about 5 miles to 15 miles or occasionally longer.
> Occasional joint walks and socials are arranged with the Berkshire Weekend Walkers and other local groups.
> Organised weekends away and holidays abroad are also part of our programme.
> We offer regular social activities to our members
> A dedicated committee (made up of volunteers from the group) organise the group and elections take place once a year
> To join the Berkshire Walkers simply come along on one of our walks. You are welcome on a couple of walks before you decide whether or not to join.
> Our Ramblers Group code is BK50
> For further information about us either email membership@berkshirewalkers.com or visit our website, where you will find further contact details and lots of great pictures of some of our activities!

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