Local Groups

(HW) Herefordshire Area

Phone: 01432 356290
Website: http://www.herefordshireramblers.org.uk/
Contact via web/email
Groups in Herefordshire Area

Think green, try and car share. If you require a lift, contact the leader who may be able to organise a lift for you.
The pick up point for Ross Group - MPCP = Millpoint Street Car Park. WRCP = Wilton Road Car Park.
The pick up point for Leaden Vale Group - BSCP = Bridge Street Car Park.

For a full days walk bring a packed lunch = BPL - and plenty to drink.
For a half days walk bring a mid-morning refreshment = BMMR.


Groups in Herefordshire Area:

(HW01) Leadon Vale Group

Join the Ramblers as a member of the Leadon Vale Group.

Phone: 01531 635139
Contact via web/email
Find walks by Leadon Vale Group
Leadon Vale Group Programme
Leadon Vale Group printable Programme

(HW02) Ross-on-Wye Group

Join the Ramblers as a member of the Ross-on-Wye Group.

Phone: 01989 565687
Find walks by Ross-on-Wye Group
Ross-on-Wye Group Programme
Ross-on-Wye Group printable Programme

Tuesday Walks- These 4-5 mile Leisurely/moderate walks are continuing throughout the Spring. Details Thelma 01989 563874 or Sally 01989 565687.

We meet up for coffee and a chat at the Chase Hotel, Gloucester Road, Ross, HR9 5LH at 10.30 on the first Thursday of every month. All welcome.
Any queries contact Heather on 07919 606856.

(HW04) Hereford Group

Join the Ramblers as a member of the Hereford Group.

Phone: 01432 264374
Contact via web/email

(HW07) Mortimer Group

Join the Ramblers as a member of the Mortimer Group.

Phone: 01568 780827
Contact via web/email