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Website: http://www.blackheathramblers.org.uk/
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Blackheath Ramblers offer invigorating walks through the stunning countryside surrounding London (particularly Kent ,Surrey and Sussex), with a friendly bunch of people from all walks of life. We aim to be as inclusive as possible and like to encourage people of all ages and abilities and of different ethnic minorities and cultures to join us in our walks.

Our pace varies from moderate to brisk (except for the shorter 3-5 mile walks) and longer walks always have an hour’s lunch break, with a country pub being a central feature of the day. Walks always start from a railway station, and we strongly advise that you check the recommended train times from central London with National Rail (08457 48 49 50) or TfL (020 7222 1234)

For further general information see www.blackheathramblers.org.uk or send any queries to general@blackheathramblers.org.uk .