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(SL) North Strathclyde Area

Phone: 01236 872959
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Groups in North Strathclyde Area


Groups in North Strathclyde Area:

(SL01) Glasgow Group

Join the Ramblers as a member of the Glasgow Group.

Website: http://www.glasgowramblers.org.uk
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(SL02) Monklands Group

Join the Ramblers as a member of the Monklands Group.

Phone: 01698 833983
Website: http://www.monklandsramblers.co.uk
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Based in the Monklands area of Central Scotland in North Lanarkshire, around Airdrie and Coatbridge east of Glasgow. Members from all walks of life ranging in age from 20 - 75. Walks range widely over Scotland and Northern England and cater for all levels of fitness, with coach or minibus provided. Also programme of social events. We consider ourselves a friendly bunch of people who always have a great time irrespective of the unpredictable Scottish weather!

(SL03) Cumbernauld & Kilsyth Group

Join the Ramblers as a member of the Cumbernauld & Kilsyth Group.

Website: http://www.ckramblers.org.uk/
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Cumbernauld & Kilsyth Group Programme
Cumbernauld & Kilsyth Group printable Programme

We are a large and active group, offering at least one walk every Sunday, every Tuesday and every second Wednesday.
On Sundays, travel is by hired bus. The fare is 10 pounds for a single trip. There is no need to book your place on the bus, just turn up and pay your fare. Children accompanied by a responsible adult go free. The bus leaves from the car park at Fleming House, Tryst Road, Cumbernauld at 9.00am.
The Tuesday walks are short (2 to 2.5 hours), gentle-paced, and are accessed by public transport. Each walk has a different starting point - check the club website for Tuesday programme details.
On alternate Wednesdays we have full day walks, usually accessed by car. At present we currently meet at, and car share from, the car park at the Muirfield Community Facility, Brown Road, Cumbernauld at 9.30am. Fuel costs are shared. Walkers can also meet the group at the start of the walk.
We warmly welcome anyone who wishes to join our walks and look forward to walking with you!

(SL04) Bearsden & Milngavie Group

Join the Ramblers as a member of the Bearsden & Milngavie Group.

Phone: 0141 942 6505
Website: http://www.bearsdenandmilngavieramblers.org.uk
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(SL05) Strathkelvin Group

Join the Ramblers as a member of the Strathkelvin Group.

Website: http://www.strathkelvinramblers.org.uk
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Strathkelvin Group printable Programme

(SL06) Helensburgh & W Dunbartonshire Group

Join the Ramblers as a member of the Helensburgh & W Dunbartonshire Group.

Phone: 01389 765734
Website: http://www.hwdramblers.me.uk
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Helensburgh & W Dunbartonshire Group printable Programme

(SL07) Mid Argyll & Kintyre Group

Join the Ramblers as a member of the Mid Argyll & Kintyre Group.

Phone: 01546 886680
Website: http://www.makramblers.co.uk

(SL50) Glasgow Young Walkers Group

Join the Ramblers as a member of the Glasgow Young Walkers Group.

Website: http://https://glasgowyoungwalkers.ning.com/
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The website of the Glasgow Young Walkers is:-
www.freewebs.com/ glasgowyoungwalkers/ index.htm

20s-30s Group