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(SR51) Surrey and Beyond Ramblers (SABRE) Group

Join the Ramblers as a member of the Surrey and Beyond Ramblers (SABRE) Group.

Website: http://www.sabre-walkers.org.uk
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Surrey and Beyond Ramblers (SABRE) is one of a new generation of Ramblers groups that is internet based and is striving to be innovative. It is sister group to Surrey Area Weekend Walkers and SABRE's mission is to encourage people of any age to get out there and walk and hike all over Surrey and beyond at the weekend and in the week. Membership is mainly drawn from Surrey, South West London and to a lesser degree the surrounding counties.
The SABRE programme usually has a choice of two or three led walks each week in Surrey and South East England. Typically it will have around 16 or more people on each walk, come rain or shine. In the programme you will find everything from short easy strolls, much liked by new walkers, to energetic 12 mile or more hikes. The group also organises social events and walking holidays and mini-breaks around the UK and abroad. So why not join them?
To find out more about the Surrey and Beyond group please visit www.sabre-walkers.org.uk or send an email to membership@sabre-walkers.org.uk