Local Groups

All Our Areas and Groups

(AV) Avon

(BF) Bedfordshire

(BK) Berkshire

(BU) Buckinghamshire, Milton Keynes and West Middlesex

(CB) Cambridgeshire & Peterborough

(CA) Carmarthenshire

(CE) Ceredigion

(CH) Cheshire East

(CY) Clydesdale to Solway

(CL) Cornwall

(DE) Derbyshire

(DN) Devon

(DT) Dorset

(ER) East Yorkshire & Derwent

(ES) Essex

(CF) Forth Valley, Fife & Tayside

(SW) Glamorgan

(GR) Gloucestershire

(GP) Grampian

(GG) Greater Gwent

(MR) Greater Manchester & High Peak

(WX) Hampshire

(HW) Herefordshire

(HF) Hertfordshire & North Middlesex

(SC) Highland & Islands

(IL) Inner London

(IW) Isle of Wight

(KT) Kent

(LD) Lake District

(LE) Leicestershire & Rutland

(LI) Lincolnshire

(LB) Lothian & Borders

(LL) Merseyside and West Cheshire

(ML) Mid Lancashire

(NT) National

(NR) Norfolk

(MC) North and Mid Cheshire

(LN) North East Lancashire

(SL) North Strathclyde

(LW) North Wales

(NY) North Yorks & South Durham

(NP) Northamptonshire

(NN) Northumbria

(NE) Nottinghamshire

(OF) Off Shore

(OX) Oxfordshire

(PE) Pembrokeshire

(MW) Powys

(RB) Renfrewshire, Cowal & Bute

(SS) Shropshire

(SO) Somerset

(WS) South West Scotland

(SD) South Yorks & N.E.Derbyshire

(NS) Staffordshire

(SK) Suffolk

(SR) Surrey

(SX) Sussex

(WK) Warwickshire

(WR) West Riding

(WE) Wiltshire

(WO) Worcestershire