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Group: Hereford
Date: Saturday 28 July 2012
Start gridref: SO155196
Start time: 10am
Grade: Moderate
Distance: 10 miles
Longer description: Park in Llangynidr opposite Community Centre on the B4558 (10 miles NW of Abergavenny). An energetic 9 mile walk along the Beacons Way or over Tor y Foel, down to the Afon Crawnon and across Llangynidr Common. Moderate/Strenuous with some steep sections. BPL and plenty to drink if hot.
Contact name: Shirleyann and Alan
Contact phone: 01432 882157 or 01568 612889
Mortimer (HW07): Hereford (HW04)
Map: OL13

sunrise 05:29
sunset 20:43


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(HW04) Hereford Group

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Phone: 01432 264374
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